A bibliography for Jack Vance

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The Brains of Earth

Author: Jack Vance
Year written: 1964
Author’s age at the time: 48
Year published: 1966
Publisher: Ace Books
Author’s title: Nopalgarth
Dutch title: De hersens van de Aarde, De hersens van Aarde
Genre: short story, novella, SF


   “I’ve got to see you, Mr. Burke—you or one of the scientists. One of the top scientists.” The man’s voice faded, then strengthened as if he had turned his head away from the mouth-piece as he spoke.
   “If you could explain your problem,” said Burke cautiously, “I might be able to help you.”
   “No,” said the man. “You’d tell me I was crazy. You’ve got to come out here. I promise you you’ll see something you’ve never imagined in your wildest dreams.”

Republished in Chateau d’If and Other Stories, Spatterlight, 2012.